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The Evil of the Daleks Reconstructions

Our featured clip is created by 'TheMindRobber' and is of two scenes from episode six. This has been constructed completely from scratch as a 3D animation but can be paused to match three genuine telesnaps here, here and here.


One of the most ambitious fan attempts at reconstruction has been done by 'Mistymisterwisty' and this uses the John Cura telesnaps combined with moving 3D elements to bring to life the existing shots.

Following the above, continue watching with: Episode 1, part 2
So far, episodes 1-4 are avilable on YouTube.

This excellent short sequence from 'Cyberrob' shows both a pristine 3D render of the Emperor and a version treated with old film effect. Sadly all the original work on this was lost due to a hard drive crash.


A 2D version of some scenes have been successfully animated by 'ocpmovie' and certain of them include 3D animations too, such as this one which features the Emperor.

Using these effective 2D sprites, scenes featuring humans are brought to life very well.

Another YouTuber creating missing scenes is 'Fraust66' who has completed this sequence of the 'dizzy Daleks'.



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