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The Evil of the Daleks Scripts

The Doctor Who Scripts Project was started in 1995 by the Bristol University Doctor Who Society and this was carried on by the Earthbound Timelords in April 1999. Since the BBC has destroyed so many episodes of Doctor Who, the idea of the project was to provide transcripts for the episodes which cannot otherwise be experienced.

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The Evil of the Daleks

In August 1993, The Evil of the Daleks became the final Doctor Who TV story to be novelised. The remaining stories which have not been turned into book form are trapped in a world of copyright and license problems.

John Peel carried out the writing duties and it was published under the Target banner as all the previous Doctor Who novels had been, although it was published by Vigin Books.

Peel included a number of interesting embelishments in his book which, although not canon, are neverthless not contradicted by anything on screen and add some depth to the story. For instance, in the novelisation, the Emperor is revealed to be the Dalek who originally exterminated Davros at the end of Genesis of the Daleks. It is also referenced as the 'Dalek Prime' which was Peel's name for the TV-21 style Emperor also featured in his War of the Daleks novel.

The Evil of the Daleks Telesnaps

The BBC have created a fantastic 'Photonovel' section of their website, in which they use all of John Cura's telesnaps and accompany them with the original stage directions and excepts of script for those moments. The images are entirely representative of what was happening on screen at the time, and provide a unique window into the missing episodes.

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