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Buy The Evil of the Daleks Complete on Audio CD

  This story was originally released on audio in 1992 with linking narration by Tom Baker, who told the story in the first person as if one incarnation was telling a story relating to another. The quality of the audio was poor however and in 2003 a remastered version was released with a new narration by Frazer Hines. This featured as part of a collector's tin and came with The Power of the Daleks.

The newer version was re-released as a stand-alone CD in 2004 and this is available on the link on the left.

Buy The Evil of the Daleks - Episode Two On DVD

  The only surviving episode of this story is episode two, which can be enjoyed on the Lost in Time DVD compilation of 'orphaned' episodes. It has digitally remastered sound and video and is excellent quality. Also on this same three-disk set is The Last Dalek, a behind-the-scenes film sequence recorded by the special effects and model men of the time as they mounted the epic battle at the climax of the story. It not only offers an unprecedented insight into how the sixties stories were made, but also brings us as close as we are ever likely to get to actually seeing the final moments of this classic story. Quite a few of the hand-held home-movie shots are similar to what would have appeared on screen and they have been cut together nicely to give some idea of how this sequence may have played out.

Buy The Evil of the Daleks Novel

Published in 1993, this is the novelisation by John Peel was published by Virgin Books under the Target banner in order to fit in with all the previous TV novelisations.

It is listed as number 155 in the Target Doctor Who Library however it does not have the Target logo on the spine. It runs to 224 pages and expands on many of the ideas from the show, including the origin of the Emperor Dalek, and the mission to locate the TARDIS after it has been stolen at the end of The Faceless Ones.

Peel makes an effort to include extra pieces of continuity whilst providing a decent account of the TV show which many will never have seen.

Buy A Remote Control Throne Room 'Black Dalek'

A Dalek variant which was totally unique to this story were the so-called 'Black Daleks' however actually only their domes were painted black. They illustrated a leader class which was subordinate to the Emperor without perhaps weilding enough power around Skaro to step on the Emperor's toes as the fully-Black Daleks might have done.

As well as this extra level in the heirarchy they served a practical purpose in the production of the show. With only five props available for the massive battle sequence at the end, it was much easier to film the props being 'Human' Daleks, then quickly repaint the domes and film them on the other side of the battle as loyal Imperial Daleks.

Buy Micro Talking Throne Room 'Black Dalek'

A miniature version of the Daleks that were loyal to the Emperor. Ideal to sit on your desk and bark instructions at you.

Like his big brother above, he is the classic 60s design which started in The Chase and was last seen in 1968 but comes with the dome painted black which was only ever seen in The Evil of the Daleks in the thone room.



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